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Vegans, Metallica, Band on the Run and vaccinations.

April 29 , 2014. Today I am going to talk about vaccinations. Despite the Andrew Wakeman fiasco, there are still educated illiterates withholding vaccines from their children. Personally, I do not think that they should have the freedom to decide for their children on this issue. There are slight problems with autoimmune reactions which amount to one out of every two million. However, the vaccinations save millions of lives in return. Also when you do not vaccinate , you endanger other peoples children and because of this you are directly responsible for the return of measles and whooping cough which can kill. So I would personally put you in jail.

Here are myth busters for vaccinations.

Science news today includes also includes the fact vegans are not healthy people . A huge study has come out from the University of Austria.

In rock today, we have a new McCartney Band on the Run Video.

Also , Lars Urlich become a promoter for beer.

I will make my decision about how to publish my book at the end of the week.

Live long and Prosper. Ian Liberman

Lars  commercial   

Real Metallica 



Linkin Park, Baby Metal, Lawrence Krauss, and the Holocaust.

April 28, 2014. The first item , I want to elucidate on is Holocaust Remembrance  Day. It is extremely important for non Jews to be aware of the Holocaust because it is humanity at its worst and it demonstrates the negative potential in all us. As Jews who are atheists , which studies indicate a majority in the U.S are, we still connect to our roots, culture and history . We remember the Holocaust which left an imprint on all of us and our families. I have seen the damage it has done to our family and their value system. It is something that must be passed down from generation to generation , a blip in history but a destructive incident that needs to live in the mind of our whole civilization. 

Obama says “we must give enduring meaning” to the words “never again.” 

Let us go on to science. I came across an interview with Andrew Zimmerman Jones , who is a academic hero to myself. He is one of the reasons I wrote my book. In this article , he interviews Dr. Krauss , who had forgotten he did this interview. It is a great interview about Cosmology.

Scientists have put together computer chips based on the human brain. I think they have also created potato chips also.


In Rock today we the song list from the new Linkin Park CD.

I have the new Judas Priest tune.

If you have not really enjoyed metal music then leave this blog. Not really, please do not go. I have a band that will introduce you to the pleasures of metal. They are from Japan and call themselves Baby Metal. They are really talented and theatrics are creative on stage.  and

Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman

Some Baby Metal. 




No blogging rule on weekends, Louder than Hell and off/ on epilepsy

April 26, 2014. I will by not blogging on weekends. I want to continue reading Louder than Hell so I can review it for the publishing company. I am also thinking very seriously about self publishing with CreateSpace because of my frustration with agents. Finally , some interesting science.  Researchers have found away using light to switch off/on neurons in the brain. They theorectically could switch off pain and epilepsy, as an example.

Louder than Hell is a compilation of the history of Hard Rock and Metal. What I have noticed is that the story is being told , in chronological order, by the artists themselves. I am very impressed.

Finally the Alice Cooper film called Super Duper Alice Cooper is getting rave reviews.

Live long and prosper . See you Monday. Here is Alice.

Oil change, Marilyn Manson and 3D Printers

April 25, 2014. Why does going for an oil change has to be so harrowing and expensive. Whenever I go for an oil change , it is an exhausting experience physically and mentally. I have tried different places and it is all the same. The auto repair experts always come out and say, ” The car looks good but you need brakes , belts , windshield wipers, brake flushing and a new battery. ” I feel like why don’t you flush yourself. I now ask to see all parts and for a supervisor to explain and as a result a simple oil change bankrupts me and takes four to six hours. Tell me your stories.

I received the files today and I am going to arrange for an E book on Amazon. When it is out I will let you know and tell you about all the great endorsements and people that made it possible. The oil change people will be right up there.

Let us do some science. The World Science Festival is coming in May . This amazing aray of lectures and interactive activities is the best in the world. It takes place in New York City . Here are the details.

IBM has developed a 3D nanoprinter made from graphene. McMaster U. has a 3D printer that will be able to print things the size of a grain of salt.

The hot rock news for today is Marilyn Manson`s new music. The themes are again twisted , Gothic and dark. All of this has been done for the new show Salem.

More good news on the Metallica front. The new cd is almost finished.

Stephen Pearcy has quit Ratt.  I predict the end of the group and this blog. Live Long and Prosper with a classic Ratt tune.



Golden Gods Awards, pivoting planets , male libido and Israel

April 24, 2014. I want to talk about Israel cancelling the peace talks because the Fatah and the Hamas have joined to be one. I am not a fan of the present government and I feel there attitude to the settlements have been a hindrance. They are one party in a sea of many because they are a democracy. One the largest celebrations , in the world, of being gay , is going to happen soon in Israel because Israel respects human rights. The occupation is of the West Bank is for protection but one has to also look at the how effective is it. It prevents weapons from going to the enemy but sometimes the Palestinians suffer because of the occupation. However, the Palestinians also voted for the terrorist group called the Hamas and the Fatah. Now we have the two joining with the Hamas charter wanting to destroy Israel. Like I say, the present government looks for excuses to not negotiate at times but this is not one of them. The Palestinians have shown their true colors and that is the destruction of Israel. That is my opinion.

The Golden God awards happened and it is a major award show for those of us really love to rock . The problem is that they are fucking poor promoters. They should have had a tv show by now and a radio feed. The market is huge beyond pop , as I posted before and this lack of self promotion is eventually going to have an effect on sales.

This is the best science item for today. Males will have sex even if they are sick or injured. Females will not. This is another reason why men are not monogamous.

New research state that pivoting planets could harbor life.

Finally, the Crue may have recorded their final song. RIP

Live long and Prosper Ian Liberman

Dark Ages, Motley Crue and Premature Gravitational Waves

April 23,2014. Let us first talk about something that is on my chest or in my brain but not most of America`s brains. A CBS poll released today demonstrated the population of the U.S knows virtually nothing about Science.  The dark ages are among us. However, no one is addressing the elephant in the room and that is religion. When people search closely into the Big Bang and Evolution they will find the concept of spontaneous creation of the Universe from quantum fluctuations. No God there. Naturalistic evolution by Natural Selection. No God there. The study states that almost 75 percent of the population is religious and if they are not getting the info from books or schools then they want to find their information, at church, once a week perhaps there favorite celebrity who is religious.  It was a shame that Brian Greene did not mention religion but the scramble is to find religion compatible with science. It is NOT.

We were all cheering that inflation had won the day with primordial gravitational waves but today a possible chink in the armour. Electromagnetic Radio Loop emissions from Supernovas may have contaminated the results.


If you do not understand the above wait till my books comes and brings the new enlightenment of our age. Which reminds me, I am hoping to get my Amazon version tomorrow so I can start to self publish. I have been talked into it by many who say the profit is good for people who are endorsed by their peers.

Rock News . Motley Crue`s Vince Neal is buying a football. That is a kicker.

The beautiful Courtney Love has a new single.

This is a new band I recommend . Motionless in White will have their new cd in September.

Tomorrow I will tell you who is endorsing my book and why I said no to a few agents. Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman

A new hot band called Motionless in White    America


Megadeth , Humpback whales and Sirius XM

Late afternoon for me. 7:25 April 22, 2014. I ransacked my draw and found the only card that works at Cosco which is the American Express Card. I really try not to indulge myself with a visit to that wild marketplace because I come home with everything I do not need and my bank account lose weight faster than I do. My son and daughter keep me busy with orders that are much less than what I payed at the finish line. Why in the world do I never go with shopping bags to put the items in and then the final coup de grace is waiting twenty minutes to get gas which is only a few pennies cheaper and which saves me a dollar or two. How about the waste of gas waiting in line? I have to stop or I will have a coronary.

I pay a nice hefty sum to hear Howard Stern on Sirius XM and I do not mind paying it. None of the other stations are that important to me other than Sirius Octane. Octane is my secondary station so whatever happens to it, happens. However, let us pretend Howard resigns and only Octane is left. This is the most poorly run Rock Radio station ever to hit the satellite waves.  The repetition is so all encompassing that you will vomit if you have to listen all day. There is an excessive amount of Christian Rock that does not reflect the Active Rock charts. That Christian aspect also affects certain DJs. I will not say any names. The program director at Liquid Metal and Ozzy`s Boneyard is amazing. His name is Jose Mangin.

Yesterdays rant on the company I was dealing with turned out to be a mistake. They have a lot of supporters who highly recommend them.

So finally we will look at some science. The best one is a laser that acts like the wand of the rainmaker. It produces lightening and rain when needed and we can see and observe it`s use during a drought.

Seventy percent of us are using apps for diet and physical activity but no one tells their doctor


Government of Canada has taken the Humpback Whale off of the threatened list. The Harper Government should be thrown out because of its attitude to science and the environment. If I was Canadian I would be ashamed. Wait I am and not to mention how I feel about Rob Ford.

In Rock News,  Rock N Rio will be in Las Vegas this year. No Names yet.

Poor Ozzy. Tell us what is wrong.

Megadeath wants to perform with a symphony orchestra.

I am tired out. Talk to you tomorrow about my book. Ian Liberman  P.S email me if there is a literary agent out there.

Here is Megadeth.