Vinnie Paul and Easter

Good morning . April 18,2014. Just to let my Facebook friends know that I will not abandon them but my blog work will be the priority. In the future I will briefly talk about the amazing writers, scientists and professionals  that endorsed my book. I am still receiving them. I said that I will try and be brief but I feel disingenuous about this piece. Happy Easter and Passover.  I celebrate the rituals of Passover as long as they do not crossover my supernatural restrictions and superstition barriers , in life. I am what the University of Tennessee calls a ritual atheist. Someone who respects the concepts of family, history and culture of Judaism and involves himself in these rituals but no God or Moses. If I was Christian, I would involve my self in good deeds, take away with me the teachings of Christ that allow me to respect human rights and integrate myself with respect to other humans. Again , I would dismiss the supernatural which includes any references  to miracles and Godly births.  To make it short and sweet, according to Israel Finkelstein , head of archaeology of Tel Aviv University to Kantherina Galor of Brown College and ex president of the Archaeological Institute of America; non of your favorite bible characters and stories never existed. No archaeological support. Take the content and do a good deed today. This will be one of my last diatribes on religion.

In Science today and everyday, new discoveries, Big news on the planet front. A new planet, for the first time, has been discovered with characteristics resembling our own planet. Pack your bags. The initial find was by Kepler , the new international, super telescope. Want to know more about Kepler? Read my book when it is published. A primary teacher`s review of cosmology and popular culture. I guarantee you will graduate knowing all there is to know to read actual science books.

Also three superstar scientists talk about the Big Bang and this includes Guth and Temark

My next science post is all about eggs for Easter . The science surrounding eggs and art work.

Lastly, the world scientists react to gravitational waves and the effect on the Big Bang and Inflation.

Rock and Metal News for today.

Vinnie Paul, of Pantera and Hellyeah state that gropus like Pantera and hard rock will never hit the mainstream Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Ace Frehley talks Kiss and the Hall of Fame.

and finally the amazing reunion of the Nirvana members without Mr. Cobain , is outlined in Rolling Stone.

I am thinking about my visit to my mother in a home who really does not know me. Sad. I am sure many of you can relate.  Should I visit?   Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman



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