When I`m Sixty Four , Stephen Hawking and Van Halen

With Christians celebrating Easter and the resurrection of Christ, I have to comment on the science and evidence behind this concept. None. I am not going to state there is really no physical evidence that Jesus existed other than anecdotal writings This statement sets up an environment for a debate. Adjunct Associate Professor of Judaic Studies, Katharina Galor, at Brown University and Ex President of the  Archaeological Institute of America flatly states, ” there is no physical evidence for the existence of Jesus.” ” “We don’t have any irrefutable historical evidence that there really was such a person,” states Professor of Religious Studies Ross Kraemer of Brown. Galor continues to work for the AIA lecturing and informing individuals about the evidence. She started in 2008 and with other famous archaeologists like Robert Cargill and Eric Cline to discuss the lack of physical evidence of a historical Jesus. I could list other eminent archaeologists but the point is that there is no consensus about the existence of Jesus on a historical level. If he existed, the idea of the supernatural activity about him and his deeds are not supported by anyone other than the religious because they would violate the laws of physics. Should it stop a reasonable person from celebrating? Of course not . When I celebrate Passover, I realize that it is scientifically impossible to divide an ocean into two or talk to an entity through a burning bush. Society would be much better off looking a religion and celebrating through critical thinking skills.   http://www.themaneater.com/stories/2008/9/13/archeological-findings-reveal-insights-judeo-chris/

Todays science news contains an article by four distinguished physicists about the possibility of super AI technological devices that go out of control based on the movie Transcendence. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stephen-hawking/artificial-intelligence_b_5174265.html


There may be a new treatment for ADHD based on the fact the brain is influenced by environmental and genetic factors . http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/04/140418141244.htm


Scientists discover four new types of killer sponges in the Pacific Ocean.



Today’s rock news includes Van Halen and a secret project. It is probably called therapy.



Rob Zombie is working on a new studio album with the usual Gothic themes.




Selections from The Beatles` Abbey Road is played by a teenager who knows how use fifteen musical instruments.




I am on my way to visit my dementia laden mother in a home. She is ninety. However, the lyrics of ” When I’m sixty four”  goes around in my head. Live Long and Prosper. Ian Liberman ianlib@rogers.com


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