Friends and Enemies, Five Finger Death Punch and asteroids.

April 20, 2014. Good Afternoon. History tells us that throughout the decades, countries that are in conflict evolve and become allies. Japan and NATO are the perfect example of enemies becoming friends. Germany and Israel also have the most unimaginable relationship. A country that killed millions of Jews and now have a firm economic and political relationship. A freedom fighter is a terrorist to another country while a terrorist or traitor suddenly becomes a hero. Edward Snowden was vilified by his country for stealing secrets from NSA and revealing the illegal surveillance of allies and conventional citizens of democratic countries around the world. He is a traitor to the U.S . However, things change in the world of politics and there are signs that he may becoming a hero to the general population and the upper echelon of the media . Snowden was acknowledged by the winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service as instrumental in providing the evidence that has led to Obama restricting surveillance and the acknowledgement of it to be illegal. As the public , political, and media perspective changes, the enemy is slowly becoming the friend , We hear individuals talking about how Snowden brought about transparency and supported the individuals right to privacy in a democracy. Something to remember before you jump on a bandwagon of hate or prejudice against an individual or group before examining all evidence. Things are never what they appear to be in politics and history.

Since new is slow today on this Easter day, I thought I would comment on some of the newer bands making headlines and playing to thousands fans.

Five Finger Death Punch is a great metal band that is sweeping the nation. There latest single, House of the Rising Sun, an Animals`s tune from the sixties, is on high rotation with Active Radio Stations.  The originated from Los Angeles , in 2005. They named their band after a martial arts movie. The lead singer is Ivan Moody.

Another new old band that is doing extremely well is Avenged Sevenfold. Their new cd ,Hail to the King, is doing exceptionally well. They will have the lead position at the Mayhem Festival. They are from Huntington Beach , California . The lead singer is M. Shadows.

More amazing things happening in science, today.

Scientists think they have discovered the 63rd moon of Saturn.


A SpaceX Dragon cargo ship made an Easter rendezvous with the International Space Ship. Private enterprise at its best.


So that is it today. I will try , in the future, not to elucidate on politics. I also promised to keep  it short and to the point. The point of my book is to bring Science concepts and pop culture on a primary level and I want you to have no problems, in my blog , understanding any concepts presented. Just just mentioned is 4/20 today.  Enjoy the herb. Live Long and Prosper. Ian Liberman   P.S Five Finger Death Punch Under and Over It.



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