Brian Johnson and Sully from Godsmack

April 21, 2014. 3:48 pm

Good Afternoon. I am removing a rant because all is well. The company has good endorsements .

Another issue is the Prime Minister of England has stated that “England is a Christian country” . However, it is not. Polls demonstrate that over fifty percent are even atheists and non religious hits higher realms. As a result, top scientists and personalities, have sent letters to him regarding the religious fallacy that possesses his tiny brain.  I am tired of politicians and clergy who seem to think that the countries they live in are filled with sheep ready to be led by the religious.

I am going to send you to my favorite biologist blogger. Jerry Coyne regarding this incident.


Let us look at rock news today . Tomorrow I blast Sirius XM Octane.

Love this. Sully of Godsmack states they are almost finished their cd.

The Golden Gods awards provide a medium for metal and hard rock awards. Duff McKagan , formerly of GNR will join Guns and Roses at the awards to play a few tunes.

Finally, Billy Joel and Brian Johnson sing “You Shook Me”.

In Science new today, we have the dancing robot.

The Brilliant Sean Carroll , who is a quantum physicist has on his blog today and other exceptional cosmological physicist who will tell you about inflation which is the hottest top about the Big Bang. If you do not understand a lot , have faith my book when it comes out will explain it. Hopefully, I will have an agent soon.

Andrew Zimmerman Jones talk the science of Captain America.

Finally, scientists find a new type of sexual organ.

That is it for today. Live longer and prosper. Ian Liberman






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