Dark Ages, Motley Crue and Premature Gravitational Waves

April 23,2014. Let us first talk about something that is on my chest or in my brain but not most of America`s brains. A CBS poll released today demonstrated the population of the U.S knows virtually nothing about Science.  The dark ages are among us. However, no one is addressing the elephant in the room and that is religion. When people search closely into the Big Bang and Evolution they will find the concept of spontaneous creation of the Universe from quantum fluctuations. No God there. Naturalistic evolution by Natural Selection. No God there. The study states that almost 75 percent of the population is religious and if they are not getting the info from books or schools then they want to find their information, at church, once a week perhaps there favorite celebrity who is religious.  It was a shame that Brian Greene did not mention religion but the scramble is to find religion compatible with science. It is NOT.


We were all cheering that inflation had won the day with primordial gravitational waves but today a possible chink in the armour. Electromagnetic Radio Loop emissions from Supernovas may have contaminated the results.



If you do not understand the above wait till my books comes and brings the new enlightenment of our age. Which reminds me, I am hoping to get my Amazon version tomorrow so I can start to self publish. I have been talked into it by many who say the profit is good for people who are endorsed by their peers.

Rock News . Motley Crue`s Vince Neal is buying a football. That is a kicker.


The beautiful Courtney Love has a new single.


This is a new band I recommend . Motionless in White will have their new cd in September.


Tomorrow I will tell you who is endorsing my book and why I said no to a few agents. Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman

A new hot band called Motionless in White    America



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