Megadeth , Humpback whales and Sirius XM

Late afternoon for me. 7:25 April 22, 2014. I ransacked my draw and found the only card that works at Cosco which is the American Express Card. I really try not to indulge myself with a visit to that wild marketplace because I come home with everything I do not need and my bank account lose weight faster than I do. My son and daughter keep me busy with orders that are much less than what I payed at the finish line. Why in the world do I never go with shopping bags to put the items in and then the final coup de grace is waiting twenty minutes to get gas which is only a few pennies cheaper and which saves me a dollar or two. How about the waste of gas waiting in line? I have to stop or I will have a coronary.

I pay a nice hefty sum to hear Howard Stern on Sirius XM and I do not mind paying it. None of the other stations are that important to me other than Sirius Octane. Octane is my secondary station so whatever happens to it, happens. However, let us pretend Howard resigns and only Octane is left. This is the most poorly run Rock Radio station ever to hit the satellite waves.  The repetition is so all encompassing that you will vomit if you have to listen all day. There is an excessive amount of Christian Rock that does not reflect the Active Rock charts. That Christian aspect also affects certain DJs. I will not say any names. The program director at Liquid Metal and Ozzy`s Boneyard is amazing. His name is Jose Mangin.

Yesterdays rant on the company I was dealing with turned out to be a mistake. They have a lot of supporters who highly recommend them.

So finally we will look at some science. The best one is a laser that acts like the wand of the rainmaker. It produces lightening and rain when needed and we can see and observe it`s use during a drought.

Seventy percent of us are using apps for diet and physical activity but no one tells their doctor


Government of Canada has taken the Humpback Whale off of the threatened list. The Harper Government should be thrown out because of its attitude to science and the environment. If I was Canadian I would be ashamed. Wait I am and not to mention how I feel about Rob Ford.

In Rock News,  Rock N Rio will be in Las Vegas this year. No Names yet.

Poor Ozzy. Tell us what is wrong.

Megadeath wants to perform with a symphony orchestra.

I am tired out. Talk to you tomorrow about my book. Ian Liberman  P.S email me if there is a literary agent out there.

Here is Megadeth. 


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