Golden Gods Awards, pivoting planets , male libido and Israel

April 24, 2014. I want to talk about Israel cancelling the peace talks because the Fatah and the Hamas have joined to be one. I am not a fan of the present government and I feel there attitude to the settlements have been a hindrance. They are one party in a sea of many because they are a democracy. One the largest celebrations , in the world, of being gay , is going to happen soon in Israel because Israel respects human rights. The occupation is of the West Bank is for protection but one has to also look at the how effective is it. It prevents weapons from going to the enemy but sometimes the Palestinians suffer because of the occupation. However, the Palestinians also voted for the terrorist group called the Hamas and the Fatah. Now we have the two joining with the Hamas charter wanting to destroy Israel. Like I say, the present government looks for excuses to not negotiate at times but this is not one of them. The Palestinians have shown their true colors and that is the destruction of Israel. That is my opinion.

The Golden God awards happened and it is a major award show for those of us really love to rock . The problem is that they are fucking poor promoters. They should have had a tv show by now and a radio feed. The market is huge beyond pop , as I posted before and this lack of self promotion is eventually going to have an effect on sales.

This is the best science item for today. Males will have sex even if they are sick or injured. Females will not. This is another reason why men are not monogamous.

New research state that pivoting planets could harbor life.

Finally, the Crue may have recorded their final song. RIP

Live long and Prosper Ian Liberman


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