Oil change, Marilyn Manson and 3D Printers

April 25, 2014. Why does going for an oil change has to be so harrowing and expensive. Whenever I go for an oil change , it is an exhausting experience physically and mentally. I have tried different places and it is all the same. The auto repair experts always come out and say, ” The car looks good but you need brakes , belts , windshield wipers, brake flushing and a new battery. ” I feel like why don’t you flush yourself. I now ask to see all parts and for a supervisor to explain and as a result a simple oil change bankrupts me and takes four to six hours. Tell me your stories.

I received the files today and I am going to arrange for an E book on Amazon. When it is out I will let you know and tell you about all the great endorsements and people that made it possible. The oil change people will be right up there.

Let us do some science. The World Science Festival is coming in May . This amazing aray of lectures and interactive activities is the best in the world. It takes place in New York City . Here are the details.


IBM has developed a 3D nanoprinter made from graphene. McMaster U. has a 3D printer that will be able to print things the size of a grain of salt.



The hot rock news for today is Marilyn Manson`s new music. The themes are again twisted , Gothic and dark. All of this has been done for the new show Salem.


More good news on the Metallica front. The new cd is almost finished.


Stephen Pearcy has quit Ratt.  I predict the end of the group and this blog. Live Long and Prosper with a classic Ratt tune.




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