No blogging rule on weekends, Louder than Hell and off/ on epilepsy

April 26, 2014. I will by not blogging on weekends. I want to continue reading Louder than Hell so I can review it for the publishing company. I am also thinking very seriously about self publishing with CreateSpace because of my frustration with agents. Finally , some interesting science.  Researchers have found away using light to switch off/on neurons in the brain. They theorectically could switch off pain and epilepsy, as an example.

Louder than Hell is a compilation of the history of Hard Rock and Metal. What I have noticed is that the story is being told , in chronological order, by the artists themselves. I am very impressed.

Finally the Alice Cooper film called Super Duper Alice Cooper is getting rave reviews.

Live long and prosper . See you Monday. Here is Alice.


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