Linkin Park, Baby Metal, Lawrence Krauss, and the Holocaust.

April 28, 2014. The first item , I want to elucidate on is Holocaust Remembrance  Day. It is extremely important for non Jews to be aware of the Holocaust because it is humanity at its worst and it demonstrates the negative potential in all us. As Jews who are atheists , which studies indicate a majority in the U.S are, we still connect to our roots, culture and history . We remember the Holocaust which left an imprint on all of us and our families. I have seen the damage it has done to our family and their value system. It is something that must be passed down from generation to generation , a blip in history but a destructive incident that needs to live in the mind of our whole civilization. 

Obama says “we must give enduring meaning” to the words “never again.” 

Let us go on to science. I came across an interview with Andrew Zimmerman Jones , who is a academic hero to myself. He is one of the reasons I wrote my book. In this article , he interviews Dr. Krauss , who had forgotten he did this interview. It is a great interview about Cosmology.

Scientists have put together computer chips based on the human brain. I think they have also created potato chips also.


In Rock today we the song list from the new Linkin Park CD.

I have the new Judas Priest tune.

If you have not really enjoyed metal music then leave this blog. Not really, please do not go. I have a band that will introduce you to the pleasures of metal. They are from Japan and call themselves Baby Metal. They are really talented and theatrics are creative on stage.  and

Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman

Some Baby Metal. 





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