Vegans, Metallica, Band on the Run and vaccinations.

April 29 , 2014. Today I am going to talk about vaccinations. Despite the Andrew Wakeman fiasco, there are still educated illiterates withholding vaccines from their children. Personally, I do not think that they should have the freedom to decide for their children on this issue. There are slight problems with autoimmune reactions which amount to one out of every two million. However, the vaccinations save millions of lives in return. Also when you do not vaccinate , you endanger other peoples children and because of this you are directly responsible for the return of measles and whooping cough which can kill. So I would personally put you in jail.

Here are myth busters for vaccinations.

Science news today includes also includes the fact vegans are not healthy people . A huge study has come out from the University of Austria.

In rock today, we have a new McCartney Band on the Run Video.

Also , Lars Urlich become a promoter for beer.

I will make my decision about how to publish my book at the end of the week.

Live long and Prosper. Ian Liberman

Lars  commercial   

Real Metallica 



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