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Metallica, synthetic hamburger,rapamycin and brain research

Quick things on my mind include how long does it take to get my mother a standard room at the home she staying. It has been almost six months and she needs the company since she is in a wheelchair.  Guy P. Harrison who has one of the best books on critical thinking has George Newbern reading his audio book. This man stars in Scandal and is one of the voices for Superman in DC animation. The book should be bought because it deals with all issues of pseudoscience and then the treat of a very cool person as the reader for audio makes it worth another buy. Guy`s book is called Think.  and finally what happened to Sirius XM Octane`s playlst. Pantera is gone. Boo. They still seem to be overly interested in Christian metal bands. When Howard goes I go.

Science today includes a look at synthetic hamburgers from stem cell. Yech, I think.

Rapamycin may now be are anti-aging drug now that scientists know how to get rid of the side effects.

How do ants lift more than their weight? Scientist may have discovered how.

In Rock over the last few days, Metallica is offering some great tunes from the Beatles to Rare Earth which they have recorded for a charity.,493/Metallica-mp3-flac-download-5-12-2014-MusiCares-MAP-Fund-Benefit-Concert-at-Club-Nokia-Los-Angeles-CA.html

Chad Smith of the Peppers drums off against Will Ferrell.

Corey Taylor talks about new cd. He thinks it will blow your minds with melody and brutality. I think I see an classical orchestra plus Slipknot rocking guitars. Just a guess.

One of the most creative metal bands, Devildriver, talks.

Have a good day , we will back soon. This is an experiment at this time. Live long and prosper.

Here is Devildriver.

Add in.

Marty Friedman, Gus G w. special guest Herman Li (DragonForce) – Symptom of the Universe . This is a Sabbath Tune. 




Light to matter, Slipknot, Korn and not cell phones again.


Korn`s New Single

May 20, 2014. I am going to get right to the science area for today. Scientists think they can collide photons producing electrons and positrons. The significance to this activity is that you have taken light and produced matter. Yes, eventually with enough time , scientists can solve issues that have been hanging around for decades and answer questions we do not understand at this point with out conjuring up the God of the gaps.

Even though there is no evidence that non ionizing radiation or as it is called EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) is dangerous in initiating cancer or having any physiological effects that are dangerous, British researcher are doing the largest study on the effects of mobile phones on the cognitive development of teenagers.

In  the Rock World, Slipknot`s Corey Taylor had virtually dumped Jim Roots of Stone Sour. Personally I could not give a shit . It was a poor version of the amazing Slipknot.

Korn`s Brian “Head” Welch has been diagnosed with kidney stones . This could cause future cancellations of Korn. So far the cancellations have been in Russia. Tough luck for Putin.

No news about the book. Still waiting to hear from my new best agent. I have a lot of patience. I think I will contact her tomorrow. Just joking. I like to be flexible and not push. For now. Live long and prosper.

New Korn Single


Apology, philosophy, Amity Affliction and Chemophobia

I would like to apologize about the gaping abyss in my writing schedule for the blog. I am happy to say I have a good agent and I am spending time updating . Neil de grasse Tyson has made a sweeping statement about philosophy being useless and the philosophers are contemplating it. I personally think that there is a place for philosophers complementing scientists. Philosophers are academics that really need to be confined and relegated to providing a moral and ethical perspective on all the technological , genetic , biological and medical advancement that are created. They need to make sure that scientists do not stray into areas limit human rights and cause destructive results. The scientists role is to Terra-Form all aspects of science to produce a better world. Their creations will leave us with a new world. Neil has a gift as a communicator which makes him and important science figure in our society. He has the ability to capture an audience and not put them to sleep , like most scientists. The general public are not fond of scientists and are not interested , at all, in philosophy . At least with the communicators like Drs. Krauss and and Greene they can learn concepts that will have an effect on society and science. I sympathize with philosophers because they actually have a academic role to play in science if they are scientifically literate. They can evaluate the implications and ethics of where science is progressing in many areas. This is extremely important information to other academics but not the general population. This is why many scientists realize that just communicating the facts to the public is a hard enough job without the philosopher muddying the waters. Philosophers can complement the scientist by their insights while scientists report their naturalistic discoveries. In this sense scientific philosophy is important but limited by their audience and relevance in society and that is just the reality of the situation. Dr. Tyson is wrong about philosophical dissertations in science but philosophers have to face the reality that their audience is limited. Here is a philoslphers reaction to NDT . Massimo is a very intelligent and amazing individual who has responded well but really nothing usurps the role of the scientist.

I am really getting tired of scientific illiterates who have chemo-phobia and thin the government and its subsidiaries are out to get us with additives and preservatives.  These people are not looking at evidence but instead are running around regurgitating activist nonsense instead of reading Scientific American or Nature . Lets hope my book will help them . Even a Grade Six student would pick up something from it. Lets use the conspiracy theory behind Aspartame. Here is Dr. Joe to explain. Dr. Joe Schwarcz that is.

Let us look at some scientific advance for today.

I am going to see Godzilla tonight so I thought I would let you see the science behind it.

The Space X cargo ship returned to earth today with out turning into a meteorite


This just in . Scientists in Argentina have unearthed fossils belonging to what they think is the largest dinosaur that has been unearthed at a archaeological dig.

Finally some rock news. Amity Affliction from Australia is releasing a new ethereal sounding piece of metal that is quite unique.

For the Beatle lovers, McCartney has had to quit his touring because he is ill.

I can not promise everyday blogging right now but that is what I aspiring to do help promote my book called Congratulations, you are a Nerd. I am also supply teaching which keeps me busy and I have to help my adult children. Like drive them to a doctors appointment. It never ends. Till the next time, keep well. Ian Liberman  . Or right; live long and prosper.  Here is the Amity Affliction.

Seth Rogan, dietary resveratrol, the sun`s brother and Rob Zombie

Hi. It is May 13 and today I want to comment on a movie my wife and viewed on the weekend. Movies and television are an integral part of pop culture because they provide an insight into ourselves and the artists that formulate the films . Pop culture and science are the two areas that I am obsessed with and so I will comment on them profusely and consistently. My book follows this formula with special mention going to cosmology , basic quantum physics and a history of science. The book will prepare you for sciecne books that are written for the general public , who really do not understand these books. My book will be the key to those books. It is amazing how I digress from the original point which is Neighbours with Seth Rogen . The movie encompasses two lifestyles that should be antagonistic to each other but somehow end up understanding and complementing each other. Seth Rogen plays a married man entrenched in the lifestyle of a suburban family just and starting to realize the responsibilities and drastic change in the sexual patterns of having a baby. Suddenly a fraternity becomes the neighbors and their lifestyle awakens the abyss of desire , of Seth,to be like the frat boys. The dialogue is funny and visual stunts are hilarious. Lauren Miller , the wife of Rogen, carries the film with brilliant , intelligent acting that at times leads the film to its best moments. There are a lot of messages about family , responsibility and yes love . However, they are introduced through witty scenes of funny and hilarious situations. I give the movie four out of four. 

A John Hopkins study came out that stated the worthless value of dietary Resveratrol. I stress dietary and not the supplements that have high doses. The high dose resveratrol has been verified through a series of research papers that demonstrate its therapeutic value . See the research by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard and MIT.


The sun has found its long lost older brother.

Rock News today includes Rob Zombie who is gearing up for Halloween and a new movie.

At a fundraiser Metallica performed Beatles and Ozzy tunes.

That is it. Zombie is next.




Self publishing on hold, Powerman 5000, Blood Bull drink and Tommy Lee

Hi. For  those who do not like to vaccinate their children or themselves, the first case of MERS has been discovered in the U.S. Brutal.  However, for those who dislike science , you can chew on a piece of garlic if we end up with an epidemic. The rest of us will get vaccinated.

New evidence indicates that consuming younger people`s blood will be the cure to aging. Just ask Dracula and he will support that theory,

Personally I will take the advice of David Sinclair and stick with Resveratrol. Let us look at the Rock News. I am now a step closer to working out the framework for Rock Trivia Two. Tommy Lee will be drumming on the new Smashing Pumpkins cd. This is what happens when you retire.

Powerman 5000 has a new track from their new cd. Listen on ITunes.



Warbringer has lost enough member to possibly call it quits. That is too bad because they are one of the best new metal bands to appear.

Here is a taste of Warbringer. Also I am freezing the self publishing approach due to new opportunities. Live long and prosper. Ian

Exoplanets, Trivium and Metallica`s new cd.

I am going to start with the rock news that Trivium has lost the drummer for the band. It appears that this was a band decision and so it was not his choice.

Metallica is going to start writing their new cd in September. I can hardly wait.

Scientists have used new tech to actually measure the rotation of a new exoplanet. The rotation is eight hours.

There is still that holdout of scientifically illiterate that do not take climate change seriously. The new report by the U.S government states we are in a state of vulnerability to the effects of climate change. We all must start to contribute to fighting climate change.

I am getting closer to making a decision about my book. I am leaning toward Createspace and I am in talks with possibly  making a second version of Rock Trivia with an emphasis on hard rock and metal. This time I will not be going through a traditional game company. This cryptic message is all that I can say about it now.


I am teaching now and this will have an effect on the blog. I will continue to produce it on a daily basis unless issues come up. Live long and Prosper.         Ian  ianlib@rogers.

Trivium new tune Strife

Aspirin, mice , Sinclair, Springsteen, Fogerty, CCR and 24.

Lets talk about 24. I watched the familiar icon appear and I felt and I knew that the Jack and Chloe scenario was about to emerge from the dustbins of Hollywood. I am not going to say anything about the plot except there is lots of violence , running , gun play and assassination plots.  I felt I was watching the episodes from the past .  I enjoyed the episodes but discovered that they were highly predictable and low on dialogue. I will watch the full miniseries but I am very disappointed about the new reboot.  Once a year will be fine with me. Any thoughts on this should be directed to my comment section.

The FDA today reported that aspirin does not prevent heart attacks in normal individuals . FDA report states that, ” “However, after carefully examining scientific data from major studies, FDA has concluded that the data do not support the use of aspirin as a preventive medication by people who have not had a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular problems, a use that is called “primary prevention.” In such people, the benefit has not been established but risks—such as dangerous bleeding into the brain or stomach—are still present.” FDA report. ” 

The lives of mice are being extended and then our live can possibly . However, you know that I support the research of MIT and Havard Professor David Sinclair who believes in the verified research of Resveratrol. Resveratrol extends life by twenty to sixty percent , no matter what articles state. The scientific ones like Science Daily and Scientific American back David. David was recently named in the top one hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Rock news today includes a great new tour of Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat .

 Stevie Young, the nephew of AC/DC guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young, has filled in for the ailing band member in Vancouver.

Since I am 63 not all my interests are bands like Pantera and Bring Me The Horizon so I would like to report to my middle age cronies that Springsteen and John Fogerty got together to jam Credence Clear Water tunes. OMG that sounds incredibly exciting.

P.S Sorry about yesterdays blog. I was really tired from teaching and I dived into the waters of my surreal other life from the sleep mode. It will happen again, sorry.

Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman

John Fogerty