Quark quartet, space suits , Sully vs Sixx and Shopping Carts

April 30,2014. I want to firstly complain about shopping carts that cost money. First of all these supermarkets who do this do not think of the long term consequences. Many times when I do not have change , I end up just leaving and shopping somewhere else that is less convenient but where I get the cart for free. There must hundreds of thousands that do this and the corporation loses my purchase which is the big one for the week. Thoughts?

In Science today we have reports of a new kind of matter. Quarks in quartets are creating a strange type of matter. This gives the Collider something to do while it recharges. 


NASA has revealed really super looking space suits for the astronauts.


In rock news Sully from Godsmack and Nickki Sixx are at it again. Twitter is afire.


Rage Against the Machine may played for its last time.


Even with illness, AC/DC is going ahead with a new producer for a new cd.


Live Long and Prosper. Ian Liberman ianlib@rogers.com


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