Sixx AM, Slipknot and Margaret Atwood

My early days in university presented me with the thrill of a lifetime by being a student in a small tutorial classroom led by the first  lady of literature in Canada, Margaret Atwood. Margaret Atwood is a refined  and intelligent individual who had the ability to converse with students, on their level,while communicating philosophical and literary thematic concepts. One summer , she had the tutorial group up to her cottage and the theme was indulgent recreational fun. This was a year that I would never forget. The chance of being a student to Margaret Atwood. Today`s article is Margaret`s take on out of control Artificial Intelligence. Also my favorite book was The Edible Woman.

In Science today, see what it is like standing on Mars.

Is science running out of theories to discover?

In Rock News The doctor who gave Paul Gray his medication,which caused his death, has been exonerated of any wrong doing.

Members of the Foo Fighters will be on the new Sixx AM cd.

LIve long and prosper. See you Monday. Hopefully I will have new news about my book .

Slipknot with Cory Taylor 


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