Aspirin, mice , Sinclair, Springsteen, Fogerty, CCR and 24.

Lets talk about 24. I watched the familiar icon appear and I felt and I knew that the Jack and Chloe scenario was about to emerge from the dustbins of Hollywood. I am not going to say anything about the plot except there is lots of violence , running , gun play and assassination plots.  I felt I was watching the episodes from the past .  I enjoyed the episodes but discovered that they were highly predictable and low on dialogue. I will watch the full miniseries but I am very disappointed about the new reboot.  Once a year will be fine with me. Any thoughts on this should be directed to my comment section.

The FDA today reported that aspirin does not prevent heart attacks in normal individuals . FDA report states that, ” “However, after carefully examining scientific data from major studies, FDA has concluded that the data do not support the use of aspirin as a preventive medication by people who have not had a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular problems, a use that is called “primary prevention.” In such people, the benefit has not been established but risks—such as dangerous bleeding into the brain or stomach—are still present.” FDA report. ” 

The lives of mice are being extended and then our live can possibly . However, you know that I support the research of MIT and Havard Professor David Sinclair who believes in the verified research of Resveratrol. Resveratrol extends life by twenty to sixty percent , no matter what articles state. The scientific ones like Science Daily and Scientific American back David. David was recently named in the top one hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Rock news today includes a great new tour of Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat .

 Stevie Young, the nephew of AC/DC guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young, has filled in for the ailing band member in Vancouver.

Since I am 63 not all my interests are bands like Pantera and Bring Me The Horizon so I would like to report to my middle age cronies that Springsteen and John Fogerty got together to jam Credence Clear Water tunes. OMG that sounds incredibly exciting.

P.S Sorry about yesterdays blog. I was really tired from teaching and I dived into the waters of my surreal other life from the sleep mode. It will happen again, sorry.

Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman

John Fogerty


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