Exoplanets, Trivium and Metallica`s new cd.

I am going to start with the rock news that Trivium has lost the drummer for the band. It appears that this was a band decision and so it was not his choice.


Metallica is going to start writing their new cd in September. I can hardly wait.


Scientists have used new tech to actually measure the rotation of a new exoplanet. The rotation is eight hours.


There is still that holdout of scientifically illiterate that do not take climate change seriously. The new report by the U.S government states we are in a state of vulnerability to the effects of climate change. We all must start to contribute to fighting climate change.


I am getting closer to making a decision about my book. I am leaning toward Createspace and I am in talks with possibly  making a second version of Rock Trivia with an emphasis on hard rock and metal. This time I will not be going through a traditional game company. This cryptic message is all that I can say about it now.


I am teaching now and this will have an effect on the blog. I will continue to produce it on a daily basis unless issues come up. Live long and Prosper.         Ian  ianlib@rogers.

Trivium new tune Strife


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