Self publishing on hold, Powerman 5000, Blood Bull drink and Tommy Lee

Hi. For  those who do not like to vaccinate their children or themselves, the first case of MERS has been discovered in the U.S. Brutal.  However, for those who dislike science , you can chew on a piece of garlic if we end up with an epidemic. The rest of us will get vaccinated.

New evidence indicates that consuming younger people`s blood will be the cure to aging. Just ask Dracula and he will support that theory,

Personally I will take the advice of David Sinclair and stick with Resveratrol. Let us look at the Rock News. I am now a step closer to working out the framework for Rock Trivia Two. Tommy Lee will be drumming on the new Smashing Pumpkins cd. This is what happens when you retire.

Powerman 5000 has a new track from their new cd. Listen on ITunes.



Warbringer has lost enough member to possibly call it quits. That is too bad because they are one of the best new metal bands to appear.

Here is a taste of Warbringer. Also I am freezing the self publishing approach due to new opportunities. Live long and prosper. Ian


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