Seth Rogan, dietary resveratrol, the sun`s brother and Rob Zombie

Hi. It is May 13 and today I want to comment on a movie my wife and viewed on the weekend. Movies and television are an integral part of pop culture because they provide an insight into ourselves and the artists that formulate the films . Pop culture and science are the two areas that I am obsessed with and so I will comment on them profusely and consistently. My book follows this formula with special mention going to cosmology , basic quantum physics and a history of science. The book will prepare you for sciecne books that are written for the general public , who really do not understand these books. My book will be the key to those books. It is amazing how I digress from the original point which is Neighbours with Seth Rogen . The movie encompasses two lifestyles that should be antagonistic to each other but somehow end up understanding and complementing each other. Seth Rogen plays a married man entrenched in the lifestyle of a suburban family just and starting to realize the responsibilities and drastic change in the sexual patterns of having a baby. Suddenly a fraternity becomes the neighbors and their lifestyle awakens the abyss of desire , of Seth,to be like the frat boys. The dialogue is funny and visual stunts are hilarious. Lauren Miller , the wife of Rogen, carries the film with brilliant , intelligent acting that at times leads the film to its best moments. There are a lot of messages about family , responsibility and yes love . However, they are introduced through witty scenes of funny and hilarious situations. I give the movie four out of four. 

A John Hopkins study came out that stated the worthless value of dietary Resveratrol. I stress dietary and not the supplements that have high doses. The high dose resveratrol has been verified through a series of research papers that demonstrate its therapeutic value . See the research by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard and MIT.


The sun has found its long lost older brother.

Rock News today includes Rob Zombie who is gearing up for Halloween and a new movie.

At a fundraiser Metallica performed Beatles and Ozzy tunes.

That is it. Zombie is next.





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