Apology, philosophy, Amity Affliction and Chemophobia

I would like to apologize about the gaping abyss in my writing schedule for the blog. I am happy to say I have a good agent and I am spending time updating . Neil de grasse Tyson has made a sweeping statement about philosophy being useless and the philosophers are contemplating it. I personally think that there is a place for philosophers complementing scientists. Philosophers are academics that really need to be confined and relegated to providing a moral and ethical perspective on all the technological , genetic , biological and medical advancement that are created. They need to make sure that scientists do not stray into areas limit human rights and cause destructive results. The scientists role is to Terra-Form all aspects of science to produce a better world. Their creations will leave us with a new world. Neil has a gift as a communicator which makes him and important science figure in our society. He has the ability to capture an audience and not put them to sleep , like most scientists. The general public are not fond of scientists and are not interested , at all, in philosophy . At least with the communicators like Drs. Krauss and and Greene they can learn concepts that will have an effect on society and science. I sympathize with philosophers because they actually have a academic role to play in science if they are scientifically literate. They can evaluate the implications and ethics of where science is progressing in many areas. This is extremely important information to other academics but not the general population. This is why many scientists realize that just communicating the facts to the public is a hard enough job without the philosopher muddying the waters. Philosophers can complement the scientist by their insights while scientists report their naturalistic discoveries. In this sense scientific philosophy is important but limited by their audience and relevance in society and that is just the reality of the situation. Dr. Tyson is wrong about philosophical dissertations in science but philosophers have to face the reality that their audience is limited. Here is a philoslphers reaction to NDT . Massimo is a very intelligent and amazing individual who has responded well but really nothing usurps the role of the scientist. 


I am really getting tired of scientific illiterates who have chemo-phobia and thin the government and its subsidiaries are out to get us with additives and preservatives.  These people are not looking at evidence but instead are running around regurgitating activist nonsense instead of reading Scientific American or Nature . Lets hope my book will help them . Even a Grade Six student would pick up something from it. Lets use the conspiracy theory behind Aspartame. Here is Dr. Joe to explain. Dr. Joe Schwarcz that is.

Let us look at some scientific advance for today.

I am going to see Godzilla tonight so I thought I would let you see the science behind it.


The Space X cargo ship returned to earth today with out turning into a meteorite


This just in . Scientists in Argentina have unearthed fossils belonging to what they think is the largest dinosaur that has been unearthed at a archaeological dig.


Finally some rock news. Amity Affliction from Australia is releasing a new ethereal sounding piece of metal that is quite unique.


For the Beatle lovers, McCartney has had to quit his touring because he is ill.


I can not promise everyday blogging right now but that is what I aspiring to do help promote my book called Congratulations, you are a Nerd. I am also supply teaching which keeps me busy and I have to help my adult children. Like drive them to a doctors appointment. It never ends. Till the next time, keep well. Ian Liberman ianlib@rogers.com  . Or right; live long and prosper.  Here is the Amity Affliction.


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