Light to matter, Slipknot, Korn and not cell phones again.


Korn`s New Single

May 20, 2014. I am going to get right to the science area for today. Scientists think they can collide photons producing electrons and positrons. The significance to this activity is that you have taken light and produced matter. Yes, eventually with enough time , scientists can solve issues that have been hanging around for decades and answer questions we do not understand at this point with out conjuring up the God of the gaps.

Even though there is no evidence that non ionizing radiation or as it is called EMR (Electromagnetic radiation) is dangerous in initiating cancer or having any physiological effects that are dangerous, British researcher are doing the largest study on the effects of mobile phones on the cognitive development of teenagers.

In  the Rock World, Slipknot`s Corey Taylor had virtually dumped Jim Roots of Stone Sour. Personally I could not give a shit . It was a poor version of the amazing Slipknot.

Korn`s Brian “Head” Welch has been diagnosed with kidney stones . This could cause future cancellations of Korn. So far the cancellations have been in Russia. Tough luck for Putin.

No news about the book. Still waiting to hear from my new best agent. I have a lot of patience. I think I will contact her tomorrow. Just joking. I like to be flexible and not push. For now. Live long and prosper.

New Korn Single



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