Metallica, synthetic hamburger,rapamycin and brain research

Quick things on my mind include how long does it take to get my mother a standard room at the home she staying. It has been almost six months and she needs the company since she is in a wheelchair.  Guy P. Harrison who has one of the best books on critical thinking has George Newbern reading his audio book. This man stars in Scandal and is one of the voices for Superman in DC animation. The book should be bought because it deals with all issues of pseudoscience and then the treat of a very cool person as the reader for audio makes it worth another buy. Guy`s book is called Think.  and finally what happened to Sirius XM Octane`s playlst. Pantera is gone. Boo. They still seem to be overly interested in Christian metal bands. When Howard goes I go.

Science today includes a look at synthetic hamburgers from stem cell. Yech, I think.

Rapamycin may now be are anti-aging drug now that scientists know how to get rid of the side effects.

How do ants lift more than their weight? Scientist may have discovered how.

In Rock over the last few days, Metallica is offering some great tunes from the Beatles to Rare Earth which they have recorded for a charity.,493/Metallica-mp3-flac-download-5-12-2014-MusiCares-MAP-Fund-Benefit-Concert-at-Club-Nokia-Los-Angeles-CA.html

Chad Smith of the Peppers drums off against Will Ferrell.

Corey Taylor talks about new cd. He thinks it will blow your minds with melody and brutality. I think I see an classical orchestra plus Slipknot rocking guitars. Just a guess.

One of the most creative metal bands, Devildriver, talks.

Have a good day , we will back soon. This is an experiment at this time. Live long and prosper.

Here is Devildriver.

Add in.

Marty Friedman, Gus G w. special guest Herman Li (DragonForce) – Symptom of the Universe . This is a Sabbath Tune. 




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