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Sean Carroll , Wicca, Linkin Park, Slash, climate change and bacteria

13/06/2014. Hi . I want to start today’s ruminations by talking about my second favorite influence in cosmology and physics. This is a man whose expertise is the Standard Particle Model including the Higgs Boson and the concept of the arrow of time based on entropy. My favorite books by him are From Eternity to Here and The Particle at the End of the Universe. His quotes and references are all over my book , as is John Gribbin , whom I talked about yesterday. Sean is a strong atheist , influenced by physics. His amazing blog is called the Preposterous where you can catch up on science theories and his introspective thoughts on science issues. Sean is a great communicator in the same vein as John Gribbin, Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss who are articulate and engaging in the way they write and discuss cosmology and physics.

Let us look at Science News today. The moon and and the earth are 60 million years older than thought. The earth and the moon were thought to have formed 100 million years after the solar system. Now tack on approx. 60 million years. Scientists can never actually have the precise amount but they can come close by using ranges of years.

Climate change is destroy the ability of farmers to grow corn.

It is a night for Wiccans because of the full moon and Friday the 13. Not really. Actually Wiccans do not believe in Friday the 13th. I hope they believe in full moons in the privacy of their own homes.

It sees that bacteria in the mouth may be the universal cause of most illness. Thank goodness for Listerine.

Talk about the X-Men, a woman at the World Cup is wearing an exoskeleton for her paralysis.

Now for the new info on hard rock and metal.

The new Linkin Park cd is streaming on Itunes.

Soundgarden and Queens of the Stone Age form a new group.

The new Weezer will be produced by Rick Ocasek from the Cars. Is he still alive?,_Title_Revealed.shtml#.U5sbVnJdXTo

New Slash single released today and new info about the cd.

Live long and prosper. I will be back next Friday. Maybe. I am not sure . Could be.  Maybe earlier or later. Who knows. Ian Liberman

 Unit it is Gone New Linkin Park



John Gribbin, Seth Macfarlane, Godsmack, McCartney and Canada`s creepy laws.


It has been awhile since my last posting but at this point it is an experiment until the book is published. I would like to look at the fact the Pope had Netanyahu and Abbas pray for peace. Sorry like a supernatural deity  is suddenly going  to give you the key to universal peace and brotherhood in the Mideast.  Religion just take sides . It never unites. Negotiations based on realities create settlements between countries. Believing that God gave you the specific lands whether Jewish or Arab is a diving factor. Praying to an imaginary friend will not provide any answers. Plus the pope brings with him much baggage and nothing to contribute in a political arena.  What is hilarious is the minor argument of Jesus` mother tongue, between the Pope and the PM of Israel. We find most scholars bicker over the existence of a historical Jesus while totally dismissing the magic one and they believe they know the mother tongue. 

The Ukraine is still a tinderbox while Canada`s Bill C13 is still going ahead in Canada. Info without a warrant. Real nice. PM Harper has been lecturing Putin about freedom and liberty. He is a great role model with this bill and new bill for prostitution which bans it and punishes Johns and sometimes the prostitute. I just became a member of Canadian Civil Liberties Association.  Everyone who can afford the membership should apply. There is more to Rock n Roll than just music.

Enough politicizing and espousing esoteric statements on prayer and religion. Let us see what is happening in Science.

John Gribbin, famous astrophysicist and science writer reviewed a new book that stimulated my intellectual senses. It sounds like my kind of book . The book is called The Island of Knowledge by Marcelo Gleiser. I will let John talk about this marvelous book in his article in WJ.

John also talks about the fact that Inflation comes before the Big Bang in the WJ article and how quantum fluctuations triggered off the universe. I talk a lot about this in my book for young adults by using references from John Gribbin and I also use much of John`s literary repertoire to reinforce concepts in my book. Sean Carroll is another major influence in my book. I maintain that these individuals including Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss are the best science communicators in the world. I am rambling . Here is John Gribbin, from his own posting, discussing Inflation and the Big Bang. John`s blog is worth signing into to really learn about cosmology.

“I’m increasingly irritated by the stories referring to inflation as the Big Bang. I intend to elaborate on this in a blog, but meanwhile:
The Big Bang theory is one of the most well established ideas in science. It explains how the Universe expanded from a hot, dense state (roughly the density of an atomic nucleus) into the pattern of stars and galaxies we see today. This hot, dense state was the Big Bang, and the idea was firmly established by the beginning of the 1980s. But it remained a great mystery how the Universe got into that hot, dense state — what happened before the Big Bang. It was the American cosmologist Alan Guth who realised that a process called symmetry breaking, akin to the way steam gives out latent heat when out condenses to form water, could have poured out energy in the first split second of time, pushing the Universe through a phase of rapid expansion called inflation and ending up with the Big Bang (people often make the mistake of using the term Big Bang to include inflation, but the crucial point is that inflation came before the Big Bang). During inflation, the size of the Universe increases exponentially, doubling in size once every hundredth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of a second (10-38 sec). The idea was developed further by the Russian-born American Andrei Linde, and others.
The symmetry breaking that Guth proposed can take this universal seed and whoosh it up into the hot Big Bang state, leaving a more leisurely expansion that can continue for billions of years as the Universe cools and forms stars and galaxies. Roughly speaking, everything in the observable Universe today was inflated from a region much smaller than a proton (less than a billionth the size of a proton) to about the size of a basket ball within about 10-30 sec. Only then did the Big Bang take over. “The Universe”, says Guth, “is the ultimate free lunch”.”

Enough about John ,more about Seth Macfarlane. Seth talks about the finish of Cosmos and his relationship with Tyson. You may here stewie if you get lucky.

There is evidence of that rats and perhaps other animals have cognitive abilities and feelings like regret. No more rat sandwiches for me.

New sensors for the Hadron when it goes on line in 2015 with higher energies used.

If you want real peace in this universe, we all need to listen to this type of music.

This leads to our music portion of the show. Bubbles please.

Godsmack releases their new single. 1000 Horsepower

Zeppelin reissues hit the top of the charts.

Hellyeah`s new cd hits 10,000 in the first week.

Finally McCartney has a virus that will not let go.

Still waiting to hear from agent and will keep you informed as soon as I do or do not. Live long and prosper Ian Liberman

Hellyeah`s new single Blood for Blood