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Beans , whole wheat and potatoes may cut

Beans , whole wheat and potatoes may cut meaty risks @popscinews new blog at


Slipknot, Brain, NASA and the Atom

The latest single by Slipknot.


Hi. We are going to examine the Atom from my book called Congratulations, you are a Science Nerd.  In the book we examine the atom and the purpose and use. I describe it in this excerpt. ” The ATOM   Firstly, atoms are VERY small. In a grain of sand (Silica) about a millimeter across, there are approximately 80,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them. The atom has an electron that is outside its nucleus. The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. A nucleus has three “up” and three “down” quarks that are held together by gluons.   Quarks bind the nucleus together. “Strong Force” holds together the gluons, the quarks, protons and neutrons.”   Next time an excerpt from Superman and time travel.

Newstoday includes a new technology that sends pulses to the brain and enhances memory.

Also NASA`s super telescope called Spitzer witnesses major event.

In my book , I call Slipknot this generations Metallica. Corey Taylor is one of the most creative writers and singers in rock today. Watch the video.

Remember Congratulations, you are a Science Nerd is at and Barnes and Noble.

Next time how the earth and solar system were created as an excerpt from my book.


My book arrives with Cosmology, Pop Culture and Quantum Physics

Enjoy the highlights of the first new Dr.Who episode shown last week.

I will now be using my blog to keep people informed on highlights of what is happening in pop culture ,cosmology and physics while also talking about my book which reflects these areas. Congratulations , you are a Science Nerd is now at and Barnes and Noble. If you love Dr. Who and the Justice League as part of your teaching partners, this book is for you. This blog will also give you samples from the book .The book is for the young adult or the adult that is young at heart who wants to learn to be scientifically literate through examples that they can relate to including movies, comics and television which include pop culture heroes such as music stars, actors, directors and animation favourites. This is not a science textbook but a exciting gateway to knowledge. Coming up in the next post a sample from the book and a look at one of the musical heroes mentioned. My twitter is @popscinews

I am going to start off with the “Thank You”, I had in my Facebook which also outlines the book.  ”

Thank you. I am posting this to say thank you to the people who helped me by endorsing the book , assisting with it and making my cover. It is finally out on as a book and ebook . I am not trying to promote it with this posting because it is a book to counter the anti-science movement by making young adults and adults who are young at heart to learn more about science through pop culture. It is not essential for the friends of Facebook because they are brilliant and literate. Thank you Gail Moss Baymiller for being one of the first to endorse and read it. Your experience with literature make it perfect. Thanks to David Darling , a brilliant musician, scientist and author for being such a good heart to even consider it. Thanks to Guy P. Harrison for also considering to endorse when you are so busy creating amazing books yourself and sampling cupcakes from your business. Daniel L. Burnstein , I feel like Einstein endorsed my book because I believe your theories will shake cosmology. Thank you Carmelo Nanfara for taking time from your career as a brilliant Principal and educator for the Toronto District School board, to endorse my book. I am indebted to Tommy Rodriguez the computational biologist who took the time from running a company to help me fulfill a dream. Finally, Steve Guest for making the most creative cover I have ever seen. You are a good friend and a good man who deserves only the best in life. I want to thank many of the amazing scientists that I used for research . Much of the book reflected the writings of John Gribbin, Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking, Sean Carroll, Max Tegmark, Andrei Linde, Alan Guth and Andrew Zimmerman Jones plus a cast of hundreds including a cool list with people like David Bradley, Ethan Siegel,Peter Boghossian, Jerry Coyne, Faye Flam, Jennifer Ouellette , The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official), Lisa Randall, Brian Clegg, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Hank Green, Dr. Michio Kaku, Phil Plait, Carl Sagan, Henry Gee, Seth Lloyd, Carl Zimmer, Felix the Cat,Bizzaro, Pluto,The Atom, Justice League Multiverse, Superman, Dr.Who, Frank Drake, Sara Seager, Neil De Grasse Tyson, Ian O’Neill, the New Cosmos,Walter/Heisenberg, Metallica, Slipknot,Richard Feynman, Three Stooges, Schrödinger’s Cat and of course the 5 endorsers/Mr.Guest. Also Nicola Ormerod of Karabeth Publishing for support. Finally , the person who guided me and directed me . I could not have done the book with out him. A brilliant technologist from IBM, Gary Herman and my closest friend.
Ian Liberman's photo.
Ian Liberman's photo.