Slipknot, Brain, NASA and the Atom

The latest single by Slipknot.


Hi. We are going to examine the Atom from my book called Congratulations, you are a Science Nerd.  In the book we examine the atom and the purpose and use. I describe it in this excerpt. ” The ATOM   Firstly, atoms are VERY small. In a grain of sand (Silica) about a millimeter across, there are approximately 80,000,000,000,000,000,000 of them. The atom has an electron that is outside its nucleus. The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons. A nucleus has three “up” and three “down” quarks that are held together by gluons.   Quarks bind the nucleus together. “Strong Force” holds together the gluons, the quarks, protons and neutrons.”   Next time an excerpt from Superman and time travel.

Newstoday includes a new technology that sends pulses to the brain and enhances memory.

Also NASA`s super telescope called Spitzer witnesses major event.

In my book , I call Slipknot this generations Metallica. Corey Taylor is one of the most creative writers and singers in rock today. Watch the video.

Remember Congratulations, you are a Science Nerd is at and Barnes and Noble.

Next time how the earth and solar system were created as an excerpt from my book.



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