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Chimps that kill, Wall Street Journal, Jesus Toast, Slash, Suicidal Sharon and the PDF version

Today I am offering a PDF version that I can send quickly to anyone who wants to review my book or you can get a free copy and wait for the mail of Congratulations , you are a Science Nerd. Just let me know at or through Facebook Ian Liberman/.

Today let us look at some interesting things going on in pop culture and science.

Canadians have won a Nobal Prize for best comical research. Basically, if you are told that there is a face in objects like toast , you will believe it and see it.

The Wall Street Journal just posted a piece how climate change is not necessary real and that the evidence is not in . This is silly and economically part of the corporate agenda . Climate Watch rips the article as you will see.

Why do chimps kill each other? Is it over food or sexual mating? This article takes an excellent look at the phenomena.

In the world of pop culture, Sharon Osbourne talk about her love for Ozzy and why she tried to commit suicide for him.

Slash responds to Gene Simmons moronic quote that rock is dead.

That is it for today. Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman


Kathy Griffin, Congratulations etc, Trivium, Beatles , and the Higgs.

Hi. Today on Sept.15 , I want to look at a variety of issues that have sparked my interest. I read a column that indicated the commercial networks are still full of prejudices against females , in terms, of employment . Kathy Griffin has posted an article stating how a CBS executive said they do not hire females for talk show positions. This is probably illegal while bordering on the line of total misogynistic behaviour.  Here is the article.

The Beatles are coming out with remastered vinyl of their collection. This excites me.

Also I am very disturbed about how the Harper Government in Canada continues to censor , remove money from budgets and tell scientists how to do their job.

Stephen Hawking has stated that the higgs particle is a danger to our existence which is just plain silly.

Finally , one of the best metal bands in this century allows you to follow them for one day. Trivium shows us how their day goes.

Finally, my book which integrates pop culture, cosmology and physics is available at and and Barns and Noble.   Twitter @popscinews  Facebook Ian Liberman

Live long and Prosper Ian Liberman

[image] I was told th

[image] I was told that had gone through its first run of my book called Congratulations, you are a Science Nerd.and the temporarily out of stock will be gone soon in Canada. I knew people were scientifically literate in Canada or is it the opposite. I want to thank everyone who bought it because I have no idea who you are. Now go out and buy out the run at and U.K also and we will take over the world . If my wife lets me. Thank you whoever you are. So if you are an A list blogger , you are missing out on a chance to review. Do not worry I will be down to the D list soon. For those bloggers who have not received my book yet to review, I might not need you. Just joking. Maybe not. I am still waiting for a new shipment and I will send it as soon as I get . Remember Barnes and Noble has it also.