Chimps that kill, Wall Street Journal, Jesus Toast, Slash, Suicidal Sharon and the PDF version

Today I am offering a PDF version that I can send quickly to anyone who wants to review my book or you can get a free copy and wait for the mail of Congratulations , you are a Science Nerd. Just let me know at or through Facebook Ian Liberman/.

Today let us look at some interesting things going on in pop culture and science.

Canadians have won a Nobal Prize for best comical research. Basically, if you are told that there is a face in objects like toast , you will believe it and see it.

The Wall Street Journal just posted a piece how climate change is not necessary real and that the evidence is not in . This is silly and economically part of the corporate agenda . Climate Watch rips the article as you will see.

Why do chimps kill each other? Is it over food or sexual mating? This article takes an excellent look at the phenomena.

In the world of pop culture, Sharon Osbourne talk about her love for Ozzy and why she tried to commit suicide for him.

Slash responds to Gene Simmons moronic quote that rock is dead.

That is it for today. Live long and prosper. Ian Liberman


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