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Abbas’s condemnation of rabbi slaughter turns out to be a political ploy

I am just starting to come on again . There will be a few more comments and posts but this post by Jerry Coyne is important. I do not believe that Netanyahu is the greatest peacemaker or warrior for Israel but the other side is impossible to deal with anyway as the reaction to the terrorists who slaughtered the Rabbis . There are no moderates on the other side at this point and Israel must do what it must to survive within civil law and I stress civil law. If however it is provoked then war is necessary and everything that comes with it. Thank you again Jerry.

Why Evolution Is True

I don’t hold out any hope that, on the Palestinian side, Hamas can play a meaningful role in solving the eternal Israel/Palestine dilemma. Given that their charter calls for the wiping out of Israel, and cites the forged and anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they don’t exactly look like great peace partners.

I looked instead to Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party, which are supposed to be more moderate. And indeed they are, but “moderation” is relative. When four rabbis and a policeman were slaughtered by terrorists in a synagogue in East Jerusalem last week, much of Gaza erupted in joy. There were sickening scenes of Gazans celebrating those murders and handing out sweets. Here are two photos. The first shows Palestinians celebrating the two murderers (themselves killed) and wielding axes:


The second shows the obligatory handing out of sweets. I’m not sure whether the woman with four fingers up is…

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Where did life come from: God or naturalism? The data from the U.S. vs. the U.K.

Dumb and Dumber is the hottest movie in the U.S right now and we can see why. U.S citizens believe God over the truth that chemicals on comets created life on earth while the U.K took the comet route. Dumb and Dumber . Thank you Farrelly Brothers for the Three Stooges also. Thank you, for this post Jerry Coyne, brilliant biologist and wonderful human being. You can tell one of my idols.


Why Evolution Is True

This disparity between our two related and Anglophonic lands is even worse than I expected. U.S. and U.K. citizens were polled just last wee about how they think life on Earth began. The question and choices were virtually identical for the two countries.

First the good news:

YouGov poll on the origin of life taken in the U.K. (2003 adults), Nov. 12-13 of this year. Figures are percentages:


If you lump the third and fourth answers as “naturalistic origin,” then 59% of the respondents think life occurred as an outcome of the laws of chemistry and physics.  And if you go to the page, you’ll see the results don’t vary much with age, gender, region, or political affiliation.

Before you look below, guess what the answer is for the U.S.


Here’s the bad news, then: the YouGov poll from the U.S., taken Nov. 12-14:

Less than half…

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November 11, Slender Man, Bob Dylan and the Beatles and my first excerpt .

November 11 and Remembrance Day.

I always think about World War Two because it liberated Jews from concentration camps and kept Germany from indulging in a ubiquitous campaign that would have destroyed freedom and democracy. Tens of thousands civilians and soldiers died to protected us from the wrath of the Fuhrer. It also reminds me how easily the average population is manipulated and directed , like puppets, to accept ideology set up by our leaders. Germany was the ultimate example but we are also struggling to protect our civil liberties from those leaders who would tell us that ends justifies the means when it comes to protecting our democracy. It seems we believe our leaders when they state that the only way to protect democracy is to whittle it down. On this Remembrance Day let us not just remember the soldiers but also why they are fighting. The fought for FREEDOM.

I watched an episode on Law and Order SVU that mirrored a real day situation where two girls conspired to kill another based on a graphic novel. Slender Man walks again.

In the history of pop and rock , the Beatles and the Stones turned down a chance to be on a Dylan record.

For Science, My First excerpt from Congratulations you are a Science Nerd.

“. When and how was the earth created?

The earth is the third planet from the sun, and at this point the only planet that we are aware of that has life. The earth is about the same age as the sun which is 4.7 billion years old. Earth is the only planet to have liquid water on its surface. In March 2014, it was discovered that Jupiter appears to have water vapor in the atmosphere. “The planet, named tau Boo b, orbits the nearby star tau Boötis and belongs to a class of exotic planets called “hot Jupiter’s” that are not found in our solar system. A hot Jupiter is a massive extra solar (outside our Solar system) planet that orbits very close to its parent star. Unlike our Jupiter, which is fairly cold and has an orbital period of about 12 years, tau Boo b orbits its star every 3.3 days and is heated to extreme temperatures by its proximity to the star.”1 There is no evidence that there is water on the surface of the planet but somewhere, in the history, there is a great possibility that there was water on the planet. We think Mars may have had water 3 to 4 billion years ago. Late in January 2013, evidence was found that showed that there may have been a substantial amount of water on Mars. “Strong geological evidence that Mars once had liquid water on its surface has been revealed this week. Scientists analyzing data sent back from NASA and ESA Mars orbiters say that the McLoughlin Crater, caused by a meteor impact millions of years ago, was probably once filled with water.”


Mars seems to have 2 percent water, by weight, as found by the Mars Rover Curiosity in September, 2013. Liquid water covers 71% of the surface of the earth. The atmosphere is 77% nitrogen and 21% oxygen, with traces of other gases. The tilting of the earth towards the sun gives us the seasons. White clouds of water vapor hide much of the Earth” surface. The moon is our natural satellite with no atmosphere but many discerning features like craters, ridges, mountain ranges and[…]”

Excerpt From: Ian Liberman. “Congratulations You Are A Science Nerd.” iBooks.

Excerpt From: Ian Liberman. “Congratulations You Are A Science Nerd.” iBooks.

Let us look at the latest movie called The Theory of Everything on Stephen Hawking. The stars talk about the movie.


Man of Peace Bob Dylan