Where did life come from: God or naturalism? The data from the U.S. vs. the U.K.

Dumb and Dumber is the hottest movie in the U.S right now and we can see why. U.S citizens believe God over the truth that chemicals on comets created life on earth while the U.K took the comet route. Dumb and Dumber . Thank you Farrelly Brothers for the Three Stooges also. Thank you, for this post Jerry Coyne, brilliant biologist and wonderful human being. You can tell one of my idols.


Why Evolution Is True

This disparity between our two related and Anglophonic lands is even worse than I expected. U.S. and U.K. citizens were polled just last wee about how they think life on Earth began. The question and choices were virtually identical for the two countries.

First the good news:

YouGov poll on the origin of life taken in the U.K. (2003 adults), Nov. 12-13 of this year. Figures are percentages:


If you lump the third and fourth answers as “naturalistic origin,” then 59% of the respondents think life occurred as an outcome of the laws of chemistry and physics.  And if you go to the page, you’ll see the results don’t vary much with age, gender, region, or political affiliation.

Before you look below, guess what the answer is for the U.S.


Here’s the bad news, then: the YouGov poll from the U.S., taken Nov. 12-14:

Less than half…

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