Abbas’s condemnation of rabbi slaughter turns out to be a political ploy

I am just starting to come on again . There will be a few more comments and posts but this post by Jerry Coyne is important. I do not believe that Netanyahu is the greatest peacemaker or warrior for Israel but the other side is impossible to deal with anyway as the reaction to the terrorists who slaughtered the Rabbis . There are no moderates on the other side at this point and Israel must do what it must to survive within civil law and I stress civil law. If however it is provoked then war is necessary and everything that comes with it. Thank you again Jerry.

Why Evolution Is True

I don’t hold out any hope that, on the Palestinian side, Hamas can play a meaningful role in solving the eternal Israel/Palestine dilemma. Given that their charter calls for the wiping out of Israel, and cites the forged and anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion, they don’t exactly look like great peace partners.

I looked instead to Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah Party, which are supposed to be more moderate. And indeed they are, but “moderation” is relative. When four rabbis and a policeman were slaughtered by terrorists in a synagogue in East Jerusalem last week, much of Gaza erupted in joy. There were sickening scenes of Gazans celebrating those murders and handing out sweets. Here are two photos. The first shows Palestinians celebrating the two murderers (themselves killed) and wielding axes:


The second shows the obligatory handing out of sweets. I’m not sure whether the woman with four fingers up is…

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