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“I consider myself more of a cultural Jew

“I consider myself more of a cultural Jew; I’m not religious in any way.” By Adam Lamberg. This has been the new catch phrase for the secular atheistic Jew in America . The latest Pew study demonstrates that only 15 percent of Jews in the U.S consider themselves religious and that it is important as part of Judaism . The Cultural Jew is running rampant in coordination with atheism. While the rest of the world runs towards the dark ages away from the scientific method and the… supernatural, Jews are looking at living without the concept of a biblical God but still with maintaining a secular connection to their culture. How do we get other religions to do the same. Rejecting one form of superstition leads to other forms and you are on your way. Rabbis in Israel do not like the Pew Report because they feel religion and culture should be intertwined. American Jews are not that happy with Netanyahu and settlement issues and secular Jews in the U.S are not like the secular counterparts in Israel. They relate more to centrist parties in Israel not religious based. The Pew report also states that the Reform Jews are the growing faction of Judaism and most of those though they attend are atheists. Half of the Orthodox have disappeared over the years and now many of those offspring have become secular and do not believe religion is necessary to be Jewish. The cultural Jew , not the religious, is the future of Judaism in North America. Perhaps one day we will hear the phrase the cultural Christian or Muslim and this will make us all more tolerant.


After 2014

LISA Pathfinder Spacecraft will hopefully discover gravitational waves to support inflation or not.

Mars One training begins next year with new recruits for manned mission to Mars.


NASA`s Dawn Spacecraft will be studying the asteroid belt Ceres.


NASA plans to grow seeds on the moon.


Nasa’s New Horizons spacecraft, launched in 2006, will study and search for the moons of Pluto but can they change the status of the planet.


Scott Kelly is aiming to be the longest man in space next year.

Finally, rock news . Soundwave 2015 which is one of the largest rock festivals in the world will be held in Australia in Feb. 2015. Slipknot, Soundgarden,

Soundgarden Black Hole Sun

Judas Priest and Slash and a cast of hundreds.

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Science in the News


Since I left there have been many news stories that have dominated the spectrum of science. Number one being the landing and hibernation of Rosetta Spacecraft which landed on a moving comet to examine the surface for elements of life and other interesting areas. First photos have finally been released.

The new Orion mission to Mars test drive did very well for its three and a half hour test drive. The future is a mission to Mars.

Finally new algorithms will allow an easier search for dark energy.

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Orion Landing