Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Grammys

Do the Grammys actually represent music sales and interest? No they do not. They like the rock and roll hall of fame are displays for Pop music and current artists. This time the rock and hard music categories were not even broadcasted leaving viewers with the impression that rock and hard music do not produce hard sales numbers but nothing could be further from the truth. Head over to which is the largest portal for statistics in music in the world and you find out that it is rock, alternative rock and hard music that dominate sales while pop falls flat in sales to the same level as gospel over the last eight years. Pop artists need promotion for immediate sales because they are based on a top 40 sales format and that is what the industry does , they buy out the media . Plus most pop artists are religious and conservative and are role models for the young. Rock artists sell on their own merit and the listeners are brand loyal if the talent is there. Hence they do not need gossip and exposure to keep them in the news to maintain their music. As genre , they have really never needed an award show to push the music. The Hard Cafe or the Rock n Roll Museum are anything but hard or rock , they are again platforms for pop music. What was Tenacious D doing winning an award against band like Slipknot and Mastodon or Motorhead etc. is ridiculous. Shades of Jethro Tull winning. I learned how this goes when I did my game in the eighties and it has not changed in my recent research. Let`s visit those numbers now. 2008-2014 in millions-…/us-music-album-sales-by-genre-20…/ and if you add alt., rock and hard rock genres , you get almost 62 percent of all music bought as rock . Amazing. Yet you would never know it. While pop being…/1…/album-sales-in-the-us-by-genre/ .